muddy creek
Photo from day 2

Boundry to Adirondack Park
West Canada Creek

woods along route 8
Morerhousville climb
Images below are from Moffitt Beach Campsite
Sacandaga Lake: Moffitt Beach

campsite view ~ Moffitt Beach
Moffitt Beach

Sacandaga Lake


Day 3: Fair Haven Beach State Park to Utica, NY

Approx.distance: 95 miles

bicycle trip: day 3

After having breakfast with the youth friends from the campgrounds in Fair Haven, I headed north on 104A to route 3 east on Tuesday August 25. I cycled through Fulton, NY. I traveled east on route 49 through Central Square. Route 49 then took me north of Oneida Lake, through Cleveland, NY, Rome, NY and finally to Utica. In Utica, I stayed with a college friend for 2 days.

Since, my goal was to be in Utica by nightfall Tuesday, I took only one picture of a muddy creek. Except for the area near Oneida Lake, the scenery was uninspiring anyway, especially with overcast skies through part of the day. I reached my destination in Utica after 9PM.

Day Four Map of Day 4

Utica, NY to Moffitt Beach Campground
Approx distance: 55 miles

My fourth day of touring was on Thursday August 27. Day four of travel was far more interesting, scenic and varied than Day 3. I left my friend's apartment early in the morning crossed the Mohawk River at Genesee Street and began the ascent on old route 8 in a northward direction.

As I traveled uphill outside of Utica (in Marcy), a guy in a heavy Huffy with an orange pennant flag headed in the opposite direction. As I stopped to make adjustments to my right pedal, the gentleman pulled up and offered his assistance and an invite for coffee. I took him up on both offer. To my surprise, the man was in his mid 70s and a retiree from GE. He biked over 10 miles a day through hilly terrain. He called me a "fine American" for touring the state.  His stories were entertaining, so I stayed for an hour. Then I headed north to tackle a hilly terrain that comprised of "old route" 8.

I got to meet a few interesting characters along the way, something not possible if traveling in a bubble of a car!

The Utica suburb of Marcy gave way to wooded hills and farmlands. I cycled on route 8 in a North Easterly direction through Poland, NY. I passed the Adirondack Park sign north of Cold Brook. For the first time on my trip, I was able to rely on excellent bike maps of the Adirondack region provided by New York State. No longer in print, the maps and guide book provided excellent information on road conditions and their scenic value.

Except for breaks such in the hamlet of Morehouseville, I was surrounded by nothing but plush green forests. I encountered few motorists.

While the hill climbs provided a challenge, the ride was pleasant and much easier than day 2.Since there was no head wind, it was possible to coast downhill. Just west of Piseco Lake, I came to some light (and refreshing) drizzle.

I drove the Schwinn around the north side Piseco Lake. The views here were spectacular in parts. For the little effort to drive around the lake, I was provided superb views of mountains across Piseco Lake. Finally I pedaled east on route 8 toward Speculator, through more wooded areas until reaching Lake Pleasant. Seasonal homes began  to dot the landscape toward Speculator.

I have made repeated visits to the Lake Piseco ~ Specualtor region since the bicycle trip. Traveling route 8 by car loses a lot of the sensory impact from biking through the region. Day four ended in another nice New York campground, Moffitt Beach. The campground overlooks another Adirondack lake over looking distant mountains, Sacandaga Lake.

Day 5 takes me to Ticonderoga, NY