Day 5:Moffitt Beach Campground to Ticonderoga, NY

Approx distance: 90 miles

Map of Day 5

There was a downpour during the night while camping at Moffitt Beach, but the sky cleared up spectacularly by morning. I had cleared the campsite and was pedaling down route 8 toward Speculator by 8 AM. I maneuvered the Super LaTour in almost the same distance as day 3, but the travel on day 5 was over much more scenic terrain. I love the Adirondacks! I had a few challenging and enjoyable climbs.

I rode on route 8 in an easterly direction toward Speculator. Speculator is a small hamlet that caters to vacationers with a couple of large resorts adjacent to Lake Pleasant. At the junction of 8 and 30, lies a small grocery/hardware store where I bought a small steak for the campsite the night before. On day 5, I took routes 8 and 30and begin a rather long descent. Pine Mountain was to my left and what a gorgeous, rustic, view it is! Outside of  Speculator to the bottom of the long descent was not a single human structure except for the State highway and a few rest areas. The long downhill ride was a great way to start the day, warming me up for the climb to come.

A resort in Speculator

Turning left onto route 8, I resumed the trek in a northeast direction. Leaving 30/8, the road became narrower without the nice broad shoulders featured on route 30. However, there was scant auto traffic on route 8, which climbed steadily through woods with East Branch on the left. The incline became steeper, until I got to the summit of 1908 feet (see placard.)

summit plackardlook back from summit on route 8

Near Sodom, NY, I turned left -- heading north -- on the aptly named Peaceful Valley Road. Gore Mountain was visible to the left. The road was relatively level  but with splendid scenery, eventually ending at route 28.

Peaceful Valley Road

A left turn and a short distance on route 28 got me to North Creek. There, I had to stop because of cramps and pain in joint of my right knee. A healthy lunch and rest and I was on my way. There was more hard biking to do on day 5. Heading north on route 28N, I crossed the Hudson River in North Creek. Then I took back roads, some unnamed, up and down inclines, until reaching US highway 9. The travel north on route 9 took me to the village of Schroon Lake with the lake itself visible to the east.  Below are pictures of Schroon Lake taken at 3 points along route 9.

Schroon LakeSchroon LakeSchroon Lake

North of the village of Schroon Lake, I biked east on NY 74, passing Paradox and Eagle Lakes. Then,  I followed the road for a long, sometime steep, decent toward Ticonderoga. Glimpses of Lake Champlain were visible, straight ahead, to the east. At the bottom of the hill, the Grand Union store at the junction of routes 74 and 9N was in plain view. Had I not wasted my time nor changed my plans to check out Grand Union that weekend, I would have made it to Canada.

The day's ride was somewhat rough, but  I had much more to see and hear. Hence, it was far less strenuous than Day 3. Actually, I was prepared to continue and  was disappointed that the ride this day was over. I booked two nights at the Green Acres Motel.

Overall, being able to travel at a slow pace, at my own power, to see, smell, and hear the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks is beyond my power to describe.

Ticonderoga is a scenic village located on the north end of Lake George. The LaChute River, the only water outlet from Lake George to Lake Champlain runs through the village. The recreated Fort Ticonderoga lies east of the village, on the shores Lake Champlain.

On Monday, August 31st, I pedal to Waterford.