The Home Stretch

Day 6: Ticonderoga to Waterford

Approx. distance: 80 miles

map of Day 6

A clear advantage in staying at The Green Acres Motel, was reduction in packing time. The tent, sleeping bag, and other camping tools were still attached to the Schwinn. So on Monday, August 31, it was still early morning as I was heading south on NY22 into Washington County. Except for detours along less traveled roads, route 22 was the mainstay until getting into Whitehall. The landscape was predominantly farms and woods. Lake Champlain appeared occasionally on the left. To the right the Lake George's eastern sentinel of mountains were in view, hiding the lake itself. Route 22 had nice broad shoulders for biking. A bit of sadness was felt as I crossed into the South Bay portion of Lake Champlain and the Blue Line (a sign told me I was out of Adirondack Park) shortly thereafter.

Soon, I pedaled the Super Latour south into Whitehall and US 4. The scenery deteriorated some from the Adirondack Park. Later, the razor wire around the huge Comstock Correctional facility brought some shivers. Traffic was heavy as I traveled further into Fort Ann, Kingsbury, then Fort Edward. South of Fort Edward, US 4 turned left over the Champlain Canal. Balancing the loaded bicycle over the narrow steel deck bridge was interesting

US 4 Rest Area north of Schuylerville US 4 Rest Area north of Schuylerville

After crossing another steel deck bridge over the canal and Hudson River, I continued on route 4 to Schuylerville.

Major General Philip Schuyler's country home
With the Hudson River to the east, route 4 took me past the Saratoga National Historic Park, through Stillwater, then to Mechanicville. Leaving route 4, I took the last major assent past Mechanicville Central Schools to route 146, then to NY 236. I got to my parents home in Waterford after maneuvering some Saratoga County highways.

Approx. total distance pedaled: 445 miles

Me at the end ot the bike tour